Three-day MMI/Pfizer course offers insight into biopharma industry

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January 8, 2013
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Three-day MMI/Pfizer course offers insight into biopharma industry

The MMI/Pfizer course ‘Molecules to Medicines: How Biopharma Delivers’ is now in its seventh year and continues to attract considerable interest from postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers keen to gain an insight into the biopharmaceutical industry.

The course is delivered by scientists from the Pfizer Biotech Campus at Grange Castle and runs over three days. The lecture course held on 20 November 2012 in RCSI and with an audience of over 60 (picture left) covered the key stages of the development of biopharmaceuticals: discovery development and manufacturing.

The workshop held on 21 November in the MMI offices at Newman House gave participants the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the biopharmaceutical industry in a small-group setting. This workshop is limited to 20 participants and was oversubscribed.

Above: Dr Brian Fennell during the MMI/Pfizer workshop (left) and Workshop attendees and Instructors interacting

A small group of attendees then visited the Pfizer Grange Castle campus on 22 November. Following a video presentation about the Pfizer facility the group was taken on a tour of the discovery and development labs and had an opportunity to learn more from the Pfizer scientists about their work and the differences and similarities between research in industry and academia.

Many thanks to the course instructors listed below and to Pfizer for continued support of the course.


Dr Jonny Finlay (Global Biologic Therapeutics Pfizer Grange Castle)
Dr Patrick Gammell (Principal Process Development Scientist Pfizer Grange Castle)
Dr Brian Hassett (Principal Scientist Development Analytical Sciences Pfizer)
Dr Brian Fennell (Senior Scientist Global Biotherapeutic Technologies Pfizer)
Dr Matthew Lambert (Principal Scientist Global Biotherapeutic Technologies Pfizer)

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