Welcome to SkillsLog. This is a facility for our PhD students to track and record the transferable skills that they acquire over the course of their PhD.

A definition of a transferable skill is an ability developed in one environment that can be applied in other environments. Here we are focusing on skills that are valued across employment sectors. The aim is to help develop tools to succeed, whether in a key position in academia working with industry, or through a career path that takes the student outside academia. 

Transferable skills go beyond what is learnt in a formal context (e.g. as expressed in the learning outcomes of an education module).   Much of the work done during a PhD has the potential to help students gain and develop transferable skills.


How Does it Work?

After students complete each PhD component (e.g. education module or practical placement), they find it listed in their SkillsLog under 'Add Transferable Skills'. Students can also add their their own components (e.g attending an international meeting or a collaboration in their PhD project). On selecting a PhD component, they are prompted with a list of transferable skills. They simply select the skills that they feel have been acquired or improved through participating in a particular PhD component, and explain briefly how they acquired/improved each transferable skill selected. Students share their SkillsLog during regular meetings with external mentors (e.g. from industry), who advise on career development.

Irish Universities’ PhD Graduates’ Skills

This skills statement, a key output of the Irish Universities Association Strategic Innovation Fund Fourth Level Ireland project, describes the desired learning outcomes and skills that PhD students may develop during their studies. Students develop these skills through their research and additional taught modules.

Download the document here

Article: Why PhD graduates are opting for a life in the fast lane

Many PhD graduates are now choosing well-paid, high-status jobs outside academia. And, as Suzanne Lynch reports in this Independent article, employers are increasingly seeking out candidates with doctorates. This article stressed the importance of transferable skills gained during PhD studies.

Download the article as a PDF document here

SkillsLog was developed as part of the MMI Clinical & Translational Research Scholars Programme

The MMI Clinical & Translational Research Scholars Programme is funded under the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) Cycle 5, and co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).