Biobanking Guidelines

MMI has recognised the need for a standardised framework for biobanking as one of the key pillars to support translational and clinical research in Ireland. As a contribution towards a more strategic national approach to biobanking, and building on the work undertaken in the Design Phase of GeneLibrary Ireland, MMI has published guidelines to standardise the collection, processing and storage of biological materials donated for use in research which have undergone international peer review.

In an effort to promote these Guidelines and to bring together standards in biobanking MMI has developed a Bioresource Web-library to share standardised procedures for the collection, processing and storage of biospecimens with all those who have an interest in biobanking.

The MMI Bioresource Web-library is divided in two sections as follows;

  • Section one contains an electronic version of all the internationally peer reviewed standardised procedures published in the MMI Guidelines for Standardised Biobanking. The Guidelines are divided into three categories including pre-clinical, clinical and laboratory and include standardised procedures on blood, buccal cells, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) urine and saliva and their derivatives.
  • Section two contains an electronic version of individual standardised procedures specific for Tissue which has been donated by those engaged biobanking in Ireland.

To view the individual standardised procedures in each section please click on the images below.