MMI Course ‘Techniques & Strategies in Molecular Medicine’ held in December

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December 21, 2012
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January 8, 2013

MMI Course ‘Techniques & Strategies in Molecular Medicine’ held in December

The MMI course "Techniques & Strategies in Molecular Medicine" was held in RCSI on 1213 December 2012. The two-day course which has run annually since 2003 continues to attract a large audience. Close to 80 participants were in attendance this year.

The course provides a very useful forum for researchers to get ideas and advice and to benefit from expertise drawn from all five of MMI’s partner institutions: UCD TCD RCSI UCC and NUI Galway.

Topics covered this year included DNA cloning strategies transgenic and gene targeting techniques protein expression and purification expression proteomics fluorescent/confocal imaging flow cytometry high content screening and analysis stem cell applications and systems biology approaches.

From left to right clockwise: Dr Linda Howard (NUI Galway) Prof. Breandán Kennedy (UCD) Attendees during Day 1 of the course Prof Jochen Prehn (RCSI) Attendees during Day 2 of the course Prof Niamh Moran (RCSI) Dr Gavin McManus & Dr Anthony Davies (TCD)

For more information including the full schedule of lectures please see here