MMI Course: Integrative methods for prostate cancer research

Title: Integrative methods for prostate cancer research: bridging molecular and population science

Date(s): 14 June 2013

Main Venue:
Trinity Centre for Health Sciences
Trinity College Dublin St James’s Hospital Dublin

Online Application Period:
01 May – 09 June 2013




This one-day course will provide in-depth exposure to fundamentals of epidemiology and molecular pathology of prostate cancer. Participants will receive instruction in molecular pathology techniques including tissue processing tumour histology and image analysis. In addition the epidemiology inherited genetics tumor biology and relevant signal transduction pathways of prostate cancer will be highlighted. Didactic lectures will be followed by interactive small group discussion that will build upon the information provided in the lectures and draw on multiple examples of how the integration of molecular genetic and population level information can provide important mechanistic insight about the etiology and progression of cancer as well as generate new biomarkers to predict cancer outcomes and treatment response .

This course will be appropriate for basic scientists physician scientists and molecular epidemiologists and pathologists who are interested in integrated trans-disciplinary methods for prostate cancer research

Online Applications currently invited

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