• Short taught courses and workshops, lecture-based and practical

  • Covering clinical and translational research, technologies and transferable skills

  • Designed for a cross-institutional audience of graduate students and staff

  • Delivered by faculty from multiple institutions (including international keynote lecturers and industry staff)

  • Straightforward online application process

MMI Courses & Workshops

Molecular Medicine Ireland Courses & Workshops are available to all those interested in biomedical research in the MMI partner institutions NUI Galway, RCSI, TCD, UCC, UCD, and their affiliated teaching hospitals.

MMI Courses & Workshops are part of postgraduate research training in MMI partner institutions. Postdoctoral, technical, academic and clinical staff use MMI Courses & Workshops as continuing professional development training in clinical and translational research.

You can use MMI Courses in a flexible way, attending individual sessions of interest. Please note however that attendance certificates are only provided for those who have attended all the sessions of a MMI Course.

Currently there are no Courses - Please check regularly


Application & Selection Process

The number of places on a course is limited by the capacity of the lecture theatre or training room and/or equipment and instructor availability for practical courses. Places are decided either on a first-come-first-served basis, or via a selection process if the latter is considered more equitable (e.g. to ensure that limited training places do not go to a minority of laboratories or a single institution).

Application to attend MMI Courses & Workshops is open to individuals outside the MMI partner institutions, e.g. to researchers throughout Ireland or internationally.

Please note that there may be a charge to register for a particular course or workshop. This is clearly indicated on each course web page.

If you are interested, but are not sure whether you are eligible to attend a particular course or workshop, please contact us for clarification (email:,education@MolecularMedicineIreland.ie) before you apply online.

For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions or email education@MolecularMedicineIreland.ie

Past Courses & Workshops

For more information on a particular past running of a course or workshop, visit the archive

Short Course Archive

Reports on previous MMI courses are available here:

MMI Structured Training Topics


A web resource providing a comprehensive and easily-navigated overview of areas covered in MMI Courses & Workshops and in modules and seminars forming part of MMI structured PhD programmes.

Contributors & Sponsors

Please click here in order to see acknowledgements of supporters of/and contributors to MMI courses & workshops from the commercial sector. If you would like to discuss sponsorship, please contact education@molecularmedicineireland.ie

We need your feedback

When you attend a MMI Course or Workshop, please complete and return the questionnaire(s) provided. Your responses help us to improve existing, and develop new, Courses and Workshops.

Course presentations

We are aware that many MMI Course attendees would like a copy of each presentation prior to or during a course. Our experience to date is that this is extremely difficult to achieve in the case of these advanced courses, where instructors often modify their presentations shortly before giving lectures. At present, we do try to get an abstract of each lecture on the website before we invite applications for a MMI Course.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make all the presentations available after a course. This is due to various factors, including the presence of unpublished data and copyright restrictions. When lecturers have indicated to their audience that presentations will be made available, the MMI directorate makes every effort to obtain the presentations, and they are made available to course attendees as soon as we receive them.